Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Month As A Hobo


Actually, this entry isn’t about my month as a hobo. It’s mostly to inform you that I have recently spent a month as a hobo and that there will be hobo-related adventures forthcoming. Highlights include: Wichita is purgatory, improbable injuries, bear fights that didn’t happen, dogs made of methane, bus trips from the twilight zone and more! Stay tuned because I honestly can’t keep sitting in the lobby here trying to write funny things while people vacuum and glare at me. It’s just impolite.

So I’m going to sit here and read funny things that I didn’t write while I wait for my brother and his best friend to trek the last 20 miles to pick my tuchus up.

But seriously, being a hobo can be pretty cool if you hobo in trucks with other people.