I’m reading mommy blogs.


Why? Well, it seems like every single other person in the world in my position — I.e., the “where can I find a good recipe for margarita ice cream?” position — is a mom or has some other amazing reason for working at home besides just being insane. Actually, I think a lot of them are insane, but they also have small children that they are capable and interested in rearing into some semblance of adulthood. At best, I’m a part-time mom-figure to my preteen nephling. At worst, I’m a danger to myself and others….

Apparently, full-time motherhood is really hilarious. And responsible, semi-sane people do it all the time. Mostly without alcohol! (I know!)

I have no idea how people do it. Part-time mom-ing is ridiculously exhausting from my expert point of view. I love my nephew (and my nieces), but I’m glad not to be in it full-time. While I’ll giggle about hyperactive toddler stories along with everyone else, I find it tough to see uplifting things when I’m the one covered in regurgitated pudding and juggling tiny people who seem bent on destroying any façade of sanity I happen to have cobbled together that day. By the end of the day, I feel the need to tweet about birth control and recreational ethanol.

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment. What are you doing?

Oh. I drew you a picture. The story comes later.



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