Warning: Contents Under Pressure


I’ll blog more about exploding goats and/or my imaginary pageant toddler(s) later. But today, rights are being snatched away from people in every arena and I’m just not in a hilarious mood. Women are having their autonomy restricted in a way men never have and never will, marginalized people are having rights hard fought for snatched away in one SCOTUS evisceration of the VRA, my country doesn’t believe in healthcare but can’t get enough guns and why should we educate the children women are being forced to bear because there are sportsball things we could be funding or houseboats we could be buying for politicians.

It’s just not a hopeful kind of day. If you have any good news you want to share, please, leave comments. Leave links. Post funny pictures. Tell me stupid jokes.

More than that: promise me you’ll vote and we’ll rebuild some of what we’ve lost in the last few weeks. And we’ll do more; we’ll make it better.


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