Happy Freaking Fourth




Actually, I support the people who fight for freedom — domestically and overseas.  I support the ideals of a country that sought to be free.  I support the America we wanted to be.

I’m just kind of disillusioned with the one we are.

When I am seen as fully human and valued because of that — and not restricted due to race, gender, religion, sexuality, disability or class — when I am allowed to be purely human and all other humans are granted that same inalienable right, which has been much alienated, then I will celebrate with joy.

Seriously. I hate firecrackers, but I’ll totally set some off if we can just stop hating each other and dominating each other and constantly fighting to be first.

We can never be equal when all we play is an endless game of king of the hill.  Can we work on tearing down the freaking mountain a little and maybe try standing on level ground?

I don’t mean that oppressed people should stop fighting.  No.  Please don’t stop.  I mean that those of us with privilege should stop acting like it’s God ordained that we be at the top of the mountain. Keep fighting.  Keep going.  And maybe one day, we really will be a free nation.

I’ll have my sparklers ready.


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