Dead Fish


I noticed something was off this weekend but it really hit me Sunday night.

Allie Brosh of Hypebole and a Half did a brilliant article about depression and gave the world dead fish.

Basically, being depressed is like having dead fish that no one else admits are dead.


I noticed that lately, my fish were kinda dead.


Not just dead. Stinky dead. I’ve had dead fish before, though, so I tried to think…what had I missed?


I’d taken my meds, written, been social when possible… Why the hell were all my fish dead? But I noticed something I sometimes overlook: if I care enough to wonder why the fish have died, all the fish may not be dead…


Sure enough, one fish was still swimming. Still trying. So I did what anyone would do in that situation:


We suited up. C’mon, fish. It’s you and me against the whole damn river.

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