Taking the day off:


I have several things I want to post, but I need time to focus on them and get them ready and I need to write a few other things, too, for that OTHER blog and to submit for the kind of writing gig that pays me money if they like my words.

So instead of being wholly irresponsible and fobbing off a couple of sketches and a rerun just to finish out the week, I’m just taking tomorrow off.

I took today off because my  mother got bitten by a chupacabra. Or a spider. Whatever the big furry things in the garden are. Anyway, she went to the ER at butt o’clock and I just stayed up till I heard something which was post-butt o’clock/late:30 and then didn’t sleep much.  So I’m kind of a zombie and this might actually be written in Assyrian; hard to tell.  

Assuming I did manage to write this in English and that I’m not communicating solely with the spectral Great Beyond (thanks for those who spoke up), I’m taking tomorrow just to work on doing some awesome things because this blog is lots of fun for me and it makes me grin when I realize that people actually kinda like it. 

So thanks for reading my tales of stupidity and looking at my oddly drawn stick figures and I promise there will be more content worth reading soon.  

If I really get my ducks in a row, there might be a weekend surprise!

Love, luck and and as little ebola as possible,

~Ms. Hazard(ous)


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