So you’re 34, today, huh?


“So, what are you doing for the big day?”

“Drawing, playing Pottermore and eating cake!”


Seriously, if you ask me, your birthday should be last in the list of days on which you’re expected to behave like a grownup.

For my birthday, I’m about to go hang out with my brother, SIL and nieces. But when I was 16, I embraced the idea of a birthday month. So on Wednesday, I am going to do stuff with my best friends in the universe. And until sometime in mid-September, I’m going to act exactly as mature as I feel, which is more like the sum of 3 and 4 than the actual age 34.

ETA:  My spate of acting 7 is to blame for blog lag this week.  Sorry.  I’ve been really random.  But I’ll be back, possibly with pictures of cake. Or something.  ❤


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    • I love it too. I was one of the people who found the magic quill for the early beta. I even had a pottermore blog for a while; it was fun. I’m QueenLight211 over there, if you get bored and want to add a Ravenclaw. ^_^

  1. Aww, you got it all wrong!

    The YEAR starts when YOU started. That’s why the year turns over every time we come to the day you started. Soooo, while others are telling you happy birthday, let me say it in a more rational (stickypuckey) way:




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