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My best friend is a dragon. Does that sound unkind or like an exaggeration? Please let me explain. I don’t mean the fire-breathing kind or even the water-type. She’s no dragon you’ve ever seen before. She is a stone dragon. At first glance, she’s gorgeous, polished and while she will remain in your mind as a unique impression, she is far from tame.

If you throw hell at a firebreather, it will only feel at home. And water doesn’t be into cope. But she is stone. When you throw hell at her, be certain of one thing: she will not budge. She will only emerge refined and strengthened and you will stand down.

I know. We’ve been best friends for 18 years in July. I didn’t know when we met – and neither did she – that I brought hell with me.

For nearly 18 years, despite a lot of drastic events in her own life, she has stood alongside me through many hells. And as we emerge from each, I find her still at my side. Still standing. Often still between me and an oncoming hell.

Today is her anniversary. She married an amazing man and together they are raising a wonderful son. I’m privileged and honored to share in their lives and will always be somehow amazed that, come what may, we are still standing, side by side. – with Hillary

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