My best friend is a dragon. Does that sound unkind or like an exaggeration? Please let me explain. I don’t mean the fire-breathing kind or even the water-type. She’s no dragon you’ve ever seen before. She is a stone dragon. At first glance, she’s gorgeous, polished and while she will remain in your mind as a unique impression, she is far from tame.

If you throw hell at a firebreather, it will only feel at home. And water doesn’t be into cope. But she is stone. When you throw hell at her, be certain of one thing: she will not budge. She will only emerge refined and strengthened and you will stand down.

I know. We’ve been best friends for 18 years in July. I didn’t know when we met – and neither did she – that I brought hell with me.

For nearly 18 years, despite a lot of drastic events in her own life, she has stood alongside me through many hells. And as we emerge from each, I find her still at my side. Still standing. Often still between me and an oncoming hell.

Today is her anniversary. She married an amazing man and together they are raising a wonderful son. I’m privileged and honored to share in their lives and will always be somehow amazed that, come what may, we are still standing, side by side. – with Hillary

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  1. So weird. I had a best friend – we’d been friends since the summer of ’95… so I guess last summer it was 18 years… unfortunately it seems to have unraveled over the course of the past 9 months or so… which has been rather devastating for me… (feel free to pray for me and that situation if you are so inclined…) Anyway, just thought it was kind of funny that we had another thing in common… except it sounds like you guys are in a much better place in your friendship than I am with mine now…

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