Target Doesn’t Believe In Fat People


Target: Missing the point since forever.

That’s what I’m guessing, anyway.  You probably know this, but in case it’s new to you, let me just point out that I, personally, am a fat person. I’m 5’8 and 275 lbs.  I’m objectively fat. And if you haven’t heard why fat isn’t pejorative, just adjective, I’ll spare you for the moment, but we’ll talk about it later.

So Target is the store I get my medications filled at because the pharmacy is superb. Maybe it’s just our local one, but I’ve really never had a better pharmacy experience.  They rock. And because I’m there so much for my meds & they carried the tea I’m addicted to, I look through clothing as well.  They even have a plus sized area! Can you believe it? A place where fat people can buy clothes.  From a single brand. Because Target only markets one brand of plus size women’s clothing (Pure Energy).

At least that’s what it’s supposed to look like.  Do you know what it actually is, though?  It’s straight size clearance, a paltry offering of actual fat clothing and more clearance of maternity things made for tiny pregnant people.

So there aren’t that many clothes for the people that area is meant to be for. You know what I’ve noticed? There’s a men’s department. Not plus sized men’s. Not skinny men’s. Just one big men’s department for fat and skinny men alike. And you know what else? Hoodies, outer sweaters, etc look awesome no matter which department they’re sold from.  So I march over and grab a sweater I like from the men’s section to wear with a skirt I also like.

Then, at checkout, Skinny Target Boy complains about how he wishes women wouldn’t buy from the Men’s department because it makes it harder for men to buy clothes.  Hillary was with me on this occasion and we both arched an eyebrow. (We can’t help it; it’s some kind of built in BS detector. It just goes off without warning.)

Thing is, I took one of the dozen sweaters in that size. This boy would wear a size small/medium.  It would take 4 of him to make most of me. But he was upset because 2 fat ladies who couldn’t find fat clothes in a store that claims to sell them would dare to traverse the gender line and buy male-marketed clothing because it might deprive men (like him, somehow) of clothes.

I don’t want to be TOO hard on the kid, but really? Hillary & I buying clothes from the men’s section in a size he can’t wear and a size that had a visible surplus on the rack is depriving him? So we educated him on the state of the women’s plus section. He learned nothing. Not surprising, though, as he was still somehow butthurt that we were taking clothes that dudes could be wearing in order to clothe ourselves – which we wouldn’t have to do if retailers actually carried plus sized clothes!

Yes, I’m aware that I can order things online.  But that’s hardly ideal. Order something, see if it fits, if it doesn’t, ship it back, wait for refund or exchange, rinse, repeat.  That’s ridiculous.

Judging by the clearance sizes I see most often, Target is overbuying in the XS/S/M sizes of women’s clothing. There are always TONS of those on clearance. So maybe get a little more familiar with your market, Target, and offer clothes to the people who shop there. ‘Cause I’m not the only fat person you could be earning money from.


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  1. I’m 5’10”, about 205 pounds. Broad shoulders and big boobs and long legs (35″ inseam.) I HAVE to get mens’ XL shirts when I can’t find womens’ XL or XXL because otherwise there’s no way my boobs and shoulders won’t stretch the ever-living fuck out of any women’s shirt/sweater/hoodie. I also have to get mens’ tall track pants because – women? With a 35″ inseam and a Jamaican-dancehall ass? Apparently we’re like honest politicians and unicorns: we don’t exist.

    My choices boil down to “wear women’s XL clothing that’s highwater and makes my ass look Kardashian-esque OR wear womens’ large tops and have bra straps REALLY REALLY visibly showing (and be uncomfortable with the fit) OR buy mens’ large and XL and mens’ tall casual pants and it’s a little on the roomy side but it’s long enough, it’s roomy enough, it’s comfortable. (And so often, better constructed/less flimsy than women’s clothing.)

    • Yes! That’s the other thing: men’s clothing, even cheap clothing, is consistently better made. Women’s is constructed with the idea that it must be layered. I don’t want to layer every freaking thing! I get hot! I want shirts that do what shirts do, not 3 layers to achieve shirt-like function!

  2. I skate the line between plus and regular and have to agree with your opinion of target. Although I have noticed recently some of their guest designers are making larger sizes too.
    Also who the hell comments on what I’m buying? Maybe I’m buying this men’s sweater for a man. maybe i’m not. Mind your own business.

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